family fuse weekend

Thank you to the Vancouver Art Gallery for hosting me and Carolina Bergonzoni this past weekend at Family Fuse Weekend.  Carolina and I had fun facilitating family dance workshops in Pictures from Here, using movement to explore art works by Vancouver artists Ian Wallace and Jeff Wall.

môj gidget

Portland/Vancouver- based theatre artist Julie Hammond is creating a full length work for Fall 2017, and I've been spending magical time in the rehearsal room as her dramaturg as she creates a shorter version for NW New Works at On the Boards (Seattle).   Here is Julie's brief description of the piece: "A California-born Jew travels to a landlocked country to learn to surf. Pop music, dentistry, and a family story that can’t be told."  If you aren't in Seattle June 16-18, stay tuned for Fall 2017 dates in Vancouver.

leading from beside exhibition & symposium

Leading from Beside, an exhibition and symposium on community engaged dance practice, is coming up September 10-21 at the Roundhouse, and is co-presented by some truly excellent humans at the Vancouver Park Board and Made in BC- Dance on Tour.   The symposium includes an exhibition, performances, workshops, panels, keynote and discussions. I'll be leading some workshops and herding (dance) cats, and am looking forward to lots of interesting people discussing lots of interesting projects, including several close to my heart.

summer solstice at mountain view cemetary

Presented by The Little Chamber Music Series That Could, the 2nd annual Summer Solstice In Mountain View Cemetery celebrates the circle of life, death and renewal by bringing community together to mark the longest day of the year with art, live music, and performance by 30 community dancers. I have the pleasure of collaborating as choreographer with this amazing cast, plus Project Director/ Artist Diane Park, Composer Mark Haney,  Singer/Songwriter Sarah Wheeler, and dramaturg Julie Hammond. June 19, 7&9 pm.

family fuse weekend

I recently spent a fun Family Fuse Weekend making dances with families inspired by the works of Gathie Falk.  Thanks to the Vancouver Art Gallery for hosting me with Lina Fitzner and Anna Kraulis, and to Dora Varga-Lencsesfor photos.

slow dance booth at small stage

The Slow Dance Booth had a new (and more private) incarnation at Dances for a Small Stage at the Anza Club, October 2015. Thanks again, MovEnt.

move it! tofino

Lina and I recently spent a week facilitating Joe Ink's Move It! with a lovely mutli-generational group in beautiful Tofino.  Thank you Julia Taffe/Aeriosa for hosting us!

embody/in my body

Embody/In My Body: Dancing the Early Years conference is coming up January 17th at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre. I am rehearsal directing a performance by Julie Lebel and Foolish Operations' Dancing the Parenting project, which is a community of adults and children under 5.   The speakers include a keynote by Patricia Reedy, Director of Teaching and Learning at the Luna Dance Institute (Oakland, CA), as well as Vancouver's most excellent Julie Lebel, Elizabeth Mackenzie and Susan Hoppenfeld.

mindful moves workshop

Lina and I were at the Vancouver Art Gallery's Family Fuse over the weekend, exploring the work of Madein Company with kids and families.  In our workshop we tried out exercises from the piece Physique of Consciousness, and then participants made their own movement sequences.

burns lake

Lina and i just spent a week in Burns Lake, facilitating Joe Ink's Move It! program with grades 9-12 at Lakes District Secondary School (LDSS). Thank you Joe Ink, Lakes District Arts Council, LDSS and Made in BC- Dance on Tour for a great week of dance teaching and dance making with two vibrant groups of dancers.

blank slate

I've started a Community Stages residency at Dunbar Community Centre.  MovEnt has teamed up with the City of Vancouver on Community Stages, to support dance making with studio space for dancers and musicians, and to bring the creative process into public spaces.  I'll be at Dunbar two days a week into December. thank you MovEnt and Dunbar!