Charles Square Co-opted

Photo by Chris Randle

In 2004, my dancer roommate Barb Murray and I decided to make a dance on the picnic tables of our housing co-op, to be viewed from the third floor landings of the courtyard.  We invited dancers, actors and musicians to spend an afternoon creating in the nooks and crannies of the building, and wove the pieces together into a performance tour for our neighbours, followed by a potluck.  In 2006 Deborah Heard and I added in a dance by the co-op kids, and in 2008, with support from the Dance Centre's Artist in Residence program,  we got everybody moving.

"Being exposed to creativity in your own home and being part of it was phenomenal— people don`t feel like they`re just sitting down and watching the artist, this other amazing person. That`s the shift I think needs to take place, we need to be brought into it, so we can see art as essential in our lives.  It was so beautifully done.  We could have been at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and not seen such a great performance." - Luz Senra